Online Affiliate Marketing, what is it?

Is it real? Who needs it?
How does it work?
Is it possible to make money with it?
What does it takes to become a successful andprosperous Affiliate Marketer?

For some of you this may sound trivial, but many others are stillsearching answers to those key questions. I was in this situation not that long ago. The testimonials were not convincing for me. I needed some real evidence, some logical explanations why this should work. I hope this site would help clarify the concept of affiliate marketing, and jump-start learning for many beginners.

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From the screenshot below it is obvious that online affiliate marketing is a pretty popular keyword. Also, there are quite few Google Ad-word campaigns related to that keyword. It must be something real, and it attracts a lot of attention.

Logically, it is one of those win-win situations. There are plenty of products available on the market, and there is a great number of buyers ready to spend money on products and services.

Often, there is also a connection gap between those two categories. The role of affiliate marketers is to fill up that gap.

Usually Merchant (the product owner) has an live website already.
Ideally, affiliate marketer would create an advertising campaign, which has some value for buyers. One of the examples is a product review, which helps people to compare multiple competing products in the same category.

1. This helps Shoppers to develop an informative decision.
2. In general, mentioned campaign will bring new buyers to the Merchant, and improve sales.
3. The Publisher (affiliate marketer or you) earns well deserved commissions, since Merchant got a new sale without any extra expenses.

All the three parties involved benefit from this mechanism.

The 30 sec TV commercial during the 2015 Supper Bowl game was valued up to $4 500 000, an increase of $500 000 since the last year. This is a sign of willingness to invest in marketing, as well as it indicates a desperate need to connect products and buyers.

There are lots of affiliate networks like Amazon, Click Bank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare and others. Most of the time, following simple and free registration, you can start promoting products listed on affiliate network in no time. Existence of those networks, and the amount of products listed on them indicate huge and active affiliate industry.

Affiliate ID tracking is usually based on placing a cookie on visitor's browser. If a visitor, for example, gets redirected to Amazon from your website, then all purchases made by this visitor on Amazon will bring commissions to your account (as long, as the cookie is alive)

Affiliate marketing is not a magic get rich overnight formula. It needs to be treated as a real business. It is very competitive and dynamic, which requires constant learning and improving your skills. It will take persistence and self discipline to succeed.

Having said that, it is very realistic for anyone to get involved and reach certain level of success. The crucial part of the business is creation and maintenance of a web site. From my experience, technical part of the equation is tremendously simplified by modern technology. You can literally create a website in half a minute with just a few clicks of a mouse, and it does not require special programming skills. I will talk more about it in one of the coming soon posts. So please, check this site regularly.

Creating content is another story. Quality website content is basically a determining factor of a success. Your web site needs to deliver value to your readers, and invite them to come back. This will ensure traffic to your site, high ranking by search engines, and consequently, various monetization opportunities.

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